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                         Dialyse Sallanches


Centre de Néphrologie Hémodialyse du Mont-Blanc
384, rue de l'Hôpital - 74700 Sallanches
Tél. : + 00 33 (0)4 50 53 22 00
Fax : + 00 33 (0)4 50 53 52 06

As a lover of pleasant strolls through vineyards or walks along mountain tracks, Rhône Alpes is there for you, with its abbeys, sometimes rocky nature and all the charm of a region or culture goes with good food and good living.

Rubbing shoulders with Switzerland and Italy, close to Annecy, Evian and Chamonix, Sallanches is the heart of Haute Savoie:
From an altitude of 250 m in the valley up to Mont-Blanc’s 4,808 m, from May to November in the lowlands and from June to the first snow in the uplands, you can stroll, walk, hike or of course ski at all stages!

The Mont Blanc Blood Dialysis Nephrology Centre opened its doors at the end of 2006 at the Sallanches hospital site.

It has the benefit of new technical facilities and particularly pleasing treatment conditions in an air-conditioned ward.

You will find the whole of the medical and care staff from the Vallée Blanche centre at Chamonix transferred to Sallanches.